This is a website I expect nobody to read.

I know that may sound a little crazy but, seriously, who blogs anymore? And of the millions of blogs out there, who has anything new or of value to contribute? Far be it from me to expect that my cheers would be more potent or encouraging than a hundred thousand others in a stadium, just as anything I write on the internets is unlikely to add more than the tiniest noise to the hundred million other souls rambling, advocating, admonishing, criticizing, informing, prattling, persuading, cajoling, and eulogizing to the digital masses.

The worst part is, I don’t even have anything cute or sexy to post. That’s purely my mistake as I am fully aware that the web was built around porn and kittens. Alas, I need a site to experiment with. And I need a place to write the sort of thing I write without reflecting poorly on my business, pissing off my (mostly imaginary) friends and (mostly real) family members on the Face Book, or constantly sending over-long emails to the few who are foolish enough to encourage me in hopes they’ll read another one of my thousand word essays on the hijinx of a character I made up for a book I am not writing.

So, what you will find here will be pretty much unthemed content. There will be the internet standards; including rants about whatever political, moral, or societal woes rub me the wrong way. Those will, of course, be the absolute and correct truth because, if I’ve learned anything in the digital age, it’s that the correct stance for an anonymous debater is somewhere between zealous self-righteousness and indignant obstinacy.

I will probably be posting random photographs that nobody will like because I didn’t use a website that filters them to make them look like they were taken with horrible old film, stored in a hotbox, and left undeveloped for a few years. I might also explore some things only I will find interesting, and post links to interesting articles that I normally only share with the 6 people on Google Plus who still actually log on to Plus — and by that I mean all of Plus, not just in my circles.

That so few have adopted Plus makes me sad. I’d write a lovely article about that sadness, but there’s nothing substantial behind it. I don’t care if Google wins or loses the social media race and there’s nothing new to be said about it. Google’s losing. I think that covers it. I’m really only sad because a girl I had a crush on is in my Plus circles but not my friend on the Face Book, so I can’t stalk her effectively if she never logs on. I still check Plus every week or so and post a link to something hopelessly geeky. I mean, it’s only been 18 months, so she MIGHT log back on and post pictures for me to get all plus one over as I pretend I’m perky and supportive. But I think all this just means I’m proving my opening statement here! If this is the kind of drivel I’m writing in the about page, just imagine how little of importance might appear in a blog post.

With this content, I will probably practice theming the blog, changing colors and layouts, and generally mucking up the menus and style sheet. It’s going to be a mess. Nobody will be able to find anything, I’m sure. My head hurts just thinking about it!

Frankly, my best advice to you is to stop reading now and go look at a site that serves up lots of pictures of kittens and porn. That is what the internets does best, afterall.